About Diamond Database

Diamond Database (diamdb.com) provides a platform for comparing and learning about diamond shapes and sizes. It allows you to compare actual diamond sizes, which you can view on a ring and finger of desired dimensions, giving you an idea of how the diamond(s) would look on your finger. It also provides useful information such as face-up surface area, evaluation of the actual face-up size, buying guidelines, and more.

Diamond Database was created out of need to easily look up specific diamond characteristics and especially to be able to see and compare actual diamond sizes. It provides all this info in one place, just a few clicks away.

Please note: This site does not sell diamonds or jewelry of any kind. It's for informational and educational purposes only.

Who runs this website?

This website is a one-man operation. It was created and is maintained entirely by me, Gregor. I'm not a professional in the diamond industry, I'm an IT professional with an interest in geology, who has an acquaintance or two in the diamond trade.

The first time I truly came into contact with diamonds was when buying one. The one thing that really bugged me when I was searching online for loose diamonds was that I couldn't see the actual sizes, nor could I compare the sizes of two stones. Because website development is what I do (sort of), I knew that I could build a website where anyone could check and/or compare actual diamond sizes. So that's how the idea for diamdb.com arose.

It was initially meant to only be a simple size comparison website, but when I delved deep into the fascinating and complex world of diamonds, it grew to be much more. Among other things, I've analyzed a huge database of diamonds (700,000) and developed an algorithm for evaluating diamond sizes. Although I'm not a professional in the field of gemology, I did my research and learned all I could about diamonds, the science behind them, as well as the ins and outs of a very competitive diamond industry.

A lot of free time has been poured into the creation of this project and while it may not be perfect, I sure hope you will find it helpful in your quest for that perfect diamond.

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I've also created gemsize.org where you can compare colored gemstones.

If you'd like to contact me, use the contact page or send me an email at info(at)diamdb(dot)com.