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Diamond Database will help you find your perfect diamond. It's a platform for comparing and learning about diamond shapes and sizes. It allows you to compare actual diamond sizes, which you can view on actual sized ring and finger, thus getting an idea of how the diamond(s) would look on your finger.

It also provides useful information such as face-up area, size evaluation, and buying guidelines. In order to get all this info just enter a diamond's weight and press "Go".

No two diamonds are alike – that is their beauty.

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Diamond Shapes

Round brilliant Round Brilliant
Designed for maximum sparkle and brilliance, Round Brilliant is the ultimate classic... read more
Princess Princess Cut
Princess is a contemporary cut with square lines, sharp corners, and high degree of brilliance... read more
Radiant Radiant Cut
Radiant combines the brilliance and fire of the Round Brilliant with an elegant look of the Emerald.... read more
Oval Oval Cut
A fiery cut combining the sparkle of the Round Brilliant with an elongated, elliptical outline... read more
Marquise Marquise Cut
A majestic, elongated cut with tapering points at both ends. Very regal and quite striking... read more
heart Heart Cut
As a symbol of love, Heart is the most explicitly romantic of all diamond shapes. Gentle and affectionate... read more
Emerald Emerald Cut
One of the classics of diamond shapes, Emeralds are known for their elegance and exquisite beauty... read more
Cushion Cushion Cut
A round-cornered, squarish-rectangular, pillow resembling shape with strong romantic appeal... read more
Asscher Asscher Cut
A squarish Asscher cut is a variation of an Emerald cut with almost octagonal shape. Uniquely regal... read more
Pear Pear Cut
Resembling a teardrop, Pear cut is a unique, feminine shape with one end tapering to a point... read more
trillion Trillion Cut
A dazzling and lively triangular shaped cut with sharp brilliance and fire. Versatile and beautiful... read more

Knowledge Base

Carat Weight vs. Face-Up Size

Analysis of a relationship between carat weight and face-up size. Find out which shape faces up the largest.

Evaluating Diamond Size

Evaluating diamond's face-up size can be rather tricky, especially for fancy shapes. Learn how evaluation works on this site and how accurate it is.

Where To Buy Diamonds?

Shopping for a diamond can be quite a challenge, especially for first-time buyers. Learn where to get the most bang for your buck.